Government-Endorsed Excellence

Government-Endorsed Excellence

As a director of the A.S Neill Summerhill CIC and past Science teacher and community member of Summerhill School I wanted to share this latest blog post from the CIC here on The Science Guy site. 

My educational beliefs, successes, and motivations to excel as an online tutor stem from 8 years of experience working, living, and being part of Summerhill School. 

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Government-Endorsed Excellence- Summerhill School’s Inspection 

Here at the A.S Neill Summerhill CIC, we want to mark the achievements of Summerhill School in its most recent ISI inspection where a glowing inspection report, approved by the Government, upholds the school’s principles of fostering freedom, equality, and democracy in education. 

As a non-profit organisation promoting these values, this news adds further validity and integrity to our consultancy work, while putting Summerhill School once again at the forefront of Democratic education. 

Nearly two and a half decades ago, Summerhill School faced a threat of closure and successfully defended its unique “Freedom not Licence” ethos in a legal battle at the Royal Courts of Justice against OFSTED. Since then, the school has continued to champion its principles, providing an educational environment where students have the freedom to shape their learning journey.

The latest inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) acknowledges the positive strides made by Summerhill School, founded in 1921 by A.S. Neill. The report emphasizes various strengths of the school, including academic achievements, attitude towards learning, social and emotional well-being, creativity, and a strong sense of morality among students of all ages.

Inspectors praised the school’s democratic principles, which empower students to have a genuine voice in the school community and foster a just and fair environment.

The report further highlights the values of personal freedom and choice afforded to students at Summerhill School, noting that the school promotes student well-being by defending their right to make their own choices and grow at their own pace. This approach equips students with the skills to make informed decisions about their learning journey and their role in the community.

As a non-profit organisation, which draws its expertise from a team of current Summerhill School Staff, Management, and experienced past employees we offer courses and consultancy services for individuals interested in implementing core Summerhill education principles in their own educational institutions.

The inspection, conducted from Nov 28-30, 2023, reaffirms not only Summerhill School’s position as a leading advocate for democratic education but also the 100 years of experience that demonstrates integrity to the philosophes of A.S Neill and the importance of continued shifts in the landscapes of education and childhood.

Dominus Markham

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